Ranger School Advanced - Phase 2

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You have a solid baseline level of fitness and you’re ready to do the final prep to go out and crush Ranger School. This is the program for you.

We looked all over the internet for other Ranger plans and were disappointed. You deserve thoroughly explained content that allows you to access your full physical and mental potential. This 100+ page jam-packed program will build your confidence. This guide has successfully been used by hundreds of athletes to earn their Tab. 

Our bodies have a limited capacity for physical training. Using the tools of nutrition and active and passive physical recovery, we can significantly expand that capacity. A higher capacity means we can train more often with a higher intensity, allowing us to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. The tools to implement proper nutrition and physical recovery, the skills to make our minds more fit, all paired with a certified personal trainer designed workout schedule greatly increase your ability to get ready for Ranger. This program has one goal - enable you to earn your tab.

This program includes a 78-day workout program specifically designed for the physical requirements of the course. We'll let you know how to customize the program to meet your personal needs. If you aren't currently fit, you will likely find more success utilizing our Pre-Ranger Advanced guide before this one. 

Additionally, the guide also includes: a complete chapter on understanding physical recovery, and the practical tools to implement appropriate sleep, stretching, and mobility into your weekly routine; a full chapter on nutrition, which shows you how to make food work in your favor; a full chapter on the mental skills to prepare for the challenges ahead. Our recent Ranger graduates provide also provide the "little details," to help you feel confident for Day 0. 

As with all Blue / Green guides, you'll receive access to our personal trainers and recent graduates to help you throughout your plan to ensure you understand how to best use the plan. We're ready to help you adjust your plan; whether you're struggling in one area of fitness, are worried about going to the field 3 weeks before your course, or just need some confidence building, you're joining the Blue / Green team and we're here for you. 

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