About Us

Blue / Green Training designs comprehensive fitness guides and knowledge based materials for military athletes. Our goal is to enable success and capture potential. Our guides include carefully designed fitness programming and explanations to help our athletes understand the concepts behind it all - something we haven't seen anywhere else. We inspire confidence in our athletes by teaching them effective physical training so they can continue their personal progressions after our programming ends. We guarantee you'll get value from our material. 

Professionals craft our content to be intuitive and impactful. Our growing team is comprised of PhD’s, EdD's, professional athletes, certified strength and conditioning coaches, certified personal trainers, registered dietitians and specialists in sports dietetics, and experienced mental performance coaches. All of that knowledge is paired with practical experience and a blend of different military experiences. This makes it most relevant to you as a military athlete.

Our material is derived from exercise science research, not personal anecdotes or popular trends. Our team, leveraging a blend of military experience, contextualizes that fact-based evidence for a robust educational approach. We are constantly creating materials to suit your evolving needs as a warfighter.

Reach out to us anytime via Instagram, Facebook, or by email ( support@bgtrng.com ). We're here to help you. Further questions can be answered on our FAQ page