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Committing to Action

We're about committing to action - a concept that can have significant rewards. Many of us have thought about attending a challenging school, switching to a more ambitious career path, or taking on some type of new adventure. Unfortunately, we often don't have support from our chain of command or NCO support channel. Sometimes we don't get that support because we don't deserve it. It's tough to make your case about going to Ranger School when you don't excel at PT, skipped out on the previous unit EIB, and don't act like a leader in your formation. Sometimes we are...

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Ranger Training Specificity

A fundamental concept of physical fitness is specificity. This means that our body presents the best adaptations and improvements in a specific area of physical fitness when we train using that area of physical fitness. For example, the best way to prepare for your 12-mile ruck is to ruck. This concept can be applied to any type of physical training. This concept sounds obvious. Of course you get better at something by doing it. Despite that, we see all sorts of crazy methods online about how to prepare for events. For the most part, the only situation in which you...

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My Way Forward

I’ve always been an athlete. Soccer, wrestling and baseball consumed the majority of my time growing up. As I grew older and stepped away from these sports, I began to get more into fitness.

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