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These 3’ x 5’ flags feature the Blue / Green Training logo on a subtle topographic styled black backdrop. Each flag is made from durable yet lightweight polyester featuring 4 corner grommets, so hanging is easy. The flag is perfect for your garage gym, barracks room, work COF, or anywhere else you want to rep B/G. 

Because the flag will come folded, it will have some creases in it. If you're crazy about the details like us, you can remove the creases using the following method using an iron: (1) Begin by making sure that your iron’s internal reservoir has water. If not, fill it up. (2) Then set the iron to the lowest heat to avoid damaging the flag material. (3) While it heats up, stretch one end of the flag over the ironing board, allowing the remainder of the flag to hang down the back of the board. (4) Smooth the flag with your hand to remove any wrinkles before applying the iron. (5) Iron the flag slowly back and forth with medium pressure until they flatten and relax. (6) Once the wrinkles are removed, hang your flag up and let it cool. We recommend using this method, or a steamer, rather than putting the flag in the washer. 

The flags are from Anley, a brand of flags the B/G team uses in their own home gyms. 

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