Pre-Ranger Advanced - Phase 1 (V2)

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If you're serious about preparing for Ranger School, but aren't already at an above average level of fitness, this is the starting point for you. Featuring 10 weeks of workouts, this guide will instruct you how to add 4 workouts per week to your routine to start to elevate your baseline fitness. With an increased baseline, you'll be fully prepared for the more intensive training you need to conduct directly prior to our Ranger School Advanced Guide. 

Along with 10 weeks of workouts, you'll receive complete information on when and how to integrate these workouts into your weekly routine. You'll also receive complete information about how to improve nutrition and recovery to allow your body the best opportunity to recover and make physical progress. 

This product is designed to be used for 10 weeks. Following completion of these workouts, you will likely have completed your Phase 1 training. You'll now be prepared to complete the 11 weeks of workouts for your Phase 2 training, featured in our Ranger School Advanced guide. The two guides work together to fully prepare you to earn your Ranger tab. 

If you're already very fit, and can pass / come very close to passing the RPA and all RAP week events under perfect conditions, you can skip this guide, and go right to Ranger School Advanced

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