Ranger Tactical Tasks

Ranger Tactical Tasks (RTT) have fluctuated between being a droppable event, and not. Right now, they are not. If you get a GO on less than 5/7, you receive a MAJOR MINUS. Too many of those, and you're looking at a recycle. Additionally, these are valuable skills that will help you succeed while at School.
Below are resources to help you prepare. Read the material, watch the videos, and get hands-on with the equipment. What is presented here is the most up to date material, directly from Ranger School. Ensure you are not using outdated information for your prep. 
There is no substitute for physically working through these tasks to standard. Expect them to be graded exactly according to the listed task, conditions, and standards, just like EIB would be. Once you are comfortable with these tasks, we encourage you to have a buddy watch you do them and yell out the time. Doing so can help increase stress-levels and better prepare you for doing these at Ranger. 
Not only do you need to master these tasks to make it through RAP week, you need to have a firm grasp on these systems to be an effective member of your team during your patrols at Ranger School. 
This link provides you the written task, conditions, and standards for each task. Below, are videos that visually display how they are to be completed. 
Task 1 - Maintain an M249
Task 2 - Operate an M249
Task 3 - Maintain an M240
Task 4 - Operate an M240
Task 5 - Claymore Mine (Nonelectric Initiation)
Task 6 - Communicate by Tactical Radio
Task 7 - Communicate by MBITR
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