Military Runner (V2)

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Finally improve your running with workouts added to your existing schedule, focused on your choice of 2-mile or 5-mile improvement.

Running is one of the most commonly misunderstood areas of fitness. For anyone looking to improve their military fitness, running is typically the biggest hurdle. 

The Blue / Green team threw away conventional Army wisdom for improving your running. It's outdated and inefficient. Instead, we've accessed the elite methods used by serious Division 1 runners across the United States. Using this information, we've created a guide to help you get smart about running. Start training better, and get more from your workouts. If you're new to serious running, this guide is right for you. 

This guide will teach you how to think about running, how to structure a running workout and program, and how to eat and recover to best fuel your progress. The guide also contains 2 workout programs designed to be completed in addition to your current PT schedule. The first 10 week program focuses on improvements to your 2-mile run, and second focuses on improvements to your 5-mile run. Choose the goal best suited for you. 

This guide focuses on running. If you're focused on training for Ranger School or SFAS, we recommend you utilize our Ranger Advanced and SFAS Advanced guides. Those workouts include the necessary run training for your improvements as you prepare for those course, along with the other necessary areas of fitness. 

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