Blue / Green Workouts

We used to share workouts on our Instagram page. They were great workouts that many of you enjoyed. However, throwing up random workouts was counter to what we’ve preached about the importance of using a program. Long story short, a program is just better able to help you progress and keep you focused on your goals. 

Currently on our @BlueGreenWorkouts Instagram page, we're sharing our Back to Basics 8-week program. This will give anyone looking to start a workout program a day by day schedule to follow. As we created this, we thought about someone getting ready for basic training, or someone who just needs a place to start. It's just easier to get going when you have a program to follow. Each morning, the account will post that day’s workout. Because you always deserve further explanations regarding the details of the day's workout, head to our Discord community, where we'll provide further context, and answer any questions. 

We're giving this first program a try. After this, we intend on sharing several programs on the Instagram page at the same time. This time offering more advanced level programs, and some programs that can be done in addition to your daily unit PT.

We’ll also create a supplemental guide available on our site that can give you the other important details we can’t fit on Instagram. As always, we won’t ignore the important physical concepts behind the workout design, the nutrition, and the recovery.