Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Blue / Green all about it?

We best explain it here


What’s different about Blue / Green?

There are thousands of places to get fitness information and workout programs online. We’re the only team that makes guides which dial in on a specific military goal with expertly designed workout programs. This is paired with instruction and information so you learn about what makes a program effective, what makes a workout effective, and how to eat and recover to best fuel your progress. The guessing is taken away because we make all that information specifically relevant to your goal. It isn't generalized. 

It turns out, all the stuff you do outside of your workouts matters a lot towards your physical progress. And when you know what’s behind it all, you’re able to dramatically increase your likelihood for success. Once you achieve your current goal, you’re armed with the knowledge to get after your next one.

Our material isn’t revolutionary. It’s tried and true concepts that have been widely accepted and proven. We just take the time to put it all together, explain it, and place it into the context that works for your goal. We don’t have advanced theories or magic solutions.


What if these guides don’t work?

If you have a problem with a guide, reach out to us. We're extremely responsive to Instagram DM's, emails, or any other method. We constantly chat with our athletes about our material and answer questions or concerns that arise. We want our material to work for you as an individual. We’re confident we can help you find a solution to make the guide work for you. If it still doesn’t, we’ll refund you 100%. We’re that confident in our material.


Who writes these guides? How are they reviewed?

All guides are written by the Blue / Green team which consists of PhD’s, EdD's, professional athletes, certified strength and conditioning coaches, certified personal trainers, registered dietitians and specialists in sports dietetics, and experienced mental performance coaches. All of that knowledge is paired with practical experience and a blend of different military experiences. This makes it most relevant to you as a military athlete.

The guides are reviewed by both individuals who have already completed or reached the end state of that guide, as well as those who are ready to pursue the end state of that guide. This gives two unique and relevant perspectives on the material, and allows the Blue / Green team to refine the material to create an excellent final version that's available to you. 

Blue / Green guides also have version numbers. We’re not ignorant enough to think that we always have the perfect solution upfront, even with all the feedback and reviewing that happens. When we determine better ways to explain topics, when requirements change (for guides that focus on a specific course), or when we get new feedback from our athletes, we update our material with new versions of the same guide. 


What’s wrong with the other fitness material online?

Much of the material online is terrible, but a lot of it is actually awesome. Amongst the material that is really good, we haven’t found any that make it specifically relevant to military athletes, speak in a language you can understand, and actually teach you something about what you're doing. Even if you do find a great workout program, you’ll be forced to follow a rigid series of workouts with almost nothing explained. 

We’ve always believed that you deserve more than that. You deserve to actually learn something about what you’re doing. By understanding the concepts behind an effective workout program, and behind everything outside of your workouts, you can best make fitness work for you. You’re able to adjust your workouts to what's right for you and you’re able to continue progressing beyond just the limits of the workouts that we provide. You shouldn’t be restricted to following a workout program for your entire life. You should be enabled by the material you have in hand, and then grow from there. 

If you do find other material that works for you, then use that. We don't expect our material to be for everyone, but we know it's worth looking at. 


How can I view the guide I get?

When you purchase a guide, you'll be asked to make an account. Your purchase will then be attached to your account. Whenever you want to view your guide, you just log into your account and click on the guide you'd like to view. Very frequent requests were made for this format to ensure PDFs are not lost, and for an optimal mobile viewing experience. With this format, you can easily view and scroll through your guide.  


When are more guides coming?

The Blue / Green team isn’t lazy, but we don’t put out new guides every week or even every month. We deliberately work slow to make sure we get it right. If we just threw together workouts, we could get you new material constantly. But as we explained in other FAQs, that’s not what we’re about. We don’t produce workout programs, we produce comprehensive workouts guides that explain the relevant topics clearly and teach you how to make it work by showing you the concepts behind it all. This is all in an effort to help you reach your physical potential to best increase your chances of reaching your goal. 

Reach out to us if you have an idea for our next project. Projects in the work include RASP I, RASP II, Ranger School Recovery, and Sapper. While much of our material is relevant to anyone interested in learning and increasing fitness, we are not currently equipped to make guides for non-Army courses. We will not make guides for courses that we don't have first hand knowledge of, but hope to soon add qualified and experienced individuals to our team in order to expand our offering. 


Reach out to us anytime via Instagram, Facebook, or by email ( ). We're here to help you.