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Get better results and go further with 1:1 coaching from the Blue / Green team. In the Supplement 1:1 Program, we’ll work directly with you to get the most from one of the B/G guides. With a B/G guide in your hands, you’ll receive the added benefit of a coach’s involvement to maximize the progress you’re able to make. Success is what we’re after.

What You’ll Get – To participate, you’ll need to first purchase one of the guides on the B/G website. You’ll then get the following:

  1. A packet welcoming you to the program, along with some expectation
  2. An initial 30-minute video call with your coach to review specific needs, restrictions, past experiences, and expectations for the program
  3. After your coach is able to review notes from the call, make adjustments that are needed to your program, and find other answers that are needed, you will have another 30-minute video call with him. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to begin your workout program.
  4. Every two weeks, you’ll get a 30-minute phone call to gauge progress, make further adjustments, and address any other concern
  5. At the completion of the program, you’ll get a 30-minute phone call to discuss next steps to continue the success


Who This Program Is Right For? – 1:1 coaching is right for you if you would like to utilize one of the existing guides that B/G has, but would like to have someone help you along the way. For example, if you’d like to use the B/G Ranger School Phase 2 guide, but want a coach to help you get the maximum possible benefit from the guide, this program will be great for you. A coach can help you adjust the plan to your needs, explain concepts that you may not fully understand, and help increase the likelihood for success.
Who’s the Coach? – For this program, you’ll be paired with Coach Steve Linowes. Steve is an experienced and certified strength and conditioning coach and is currently pursuing his doctorate in physical therapy. Additionally, he can make that knowledge most relevant to you as he served as an Active-Duty Infantry Officer and is a Ranger School graduate. Steve has the professional knowledge required to provide scientifically based information and the context to understand your situation and speak in a language you understand.

Who This Program Is Wrong For? – 1:1 training can be expensive. Although we’re confident that training is best delivered in 1:1 setting, make sure this is something you can afford. If you just have a question or two, you can always DM the B/G team on Instagram, or drop a question in our Discord Community. We’re happy to offer free advice and point you in the right direction. Secondly, we produce great guides that are already available on our website. Because our guides provide some much detail, you’ll be able to learn a lot from them, as well as enjoy a fantastic workout program. If you don’t have a unique situation, you may not need this 1:1 coaching.

Everything listed here, and more, will be included in the packet you receive upon signing up for this program. Have questions about this program or any custom training? Send us a DM on Instagram for the fastest response. 

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